A big thank you to Dinesh D’Souza and Andrew Bernstein for their fascinating debate in Austin, Texas on Friday night. Thank you also to Brittney Rivera and the UT Objectivism Society for all their hard work in organizing the event.

For those who missed the debate, we plan to post the video to TOS’s YouTube channel in the next few days. I’ll make an announcement when it’s up.

If you paid for the Livestream but either did not receive your password or were unable to log in due to technical problems on the viewing page, please let me know and TOS will refund your $5. My email address is: my first initial plus my last name @theobjectivestandard.com.

I’ve personally emailed and apologized to those who contacted TOS directly about the Livestream problems; but I want to apologize here to everyone who had any trouble with the Livestream. I know that was immensely frustrating, and I am sorry to have put you through it. We're still not sure why the login worked for some while not for others. We had tested the system quite extensively in the days before the event, and everything was working fine. But once people began logging in, some people making new purchases didn’t receive passwords, and some who already had passwords couldn’t gain access to the Livestream. We’re working to figure out what caused the problem so that our livestreams go smoothly in the future.

Bottom line: This event and the problems were my responsibility, and I apologize for the trouble and frustration caused by the technical difficulties.

—Craig Biddle

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