The New York Objectivist Society will be hosting a mini-conference fundraiser for The Objective Standard on July 29 in New York City. If you will be in the area or near enough to travel at that time, I hope you’ll join us for the lectures and fun.

The speakers will be Andrew Bernstein, Richard M. Salsman, and me. Dr. Bernstein will discuss “The Tragedy of Theology: How Religion Caused and Exacerbated the Dark Ages”; Mr. Salsman will address the questions, “Can the World Return to the Gold Standard? If So, How?”; and I will speak on “Living Purposefully.” Following the lectures, we’ll hold a panel discussion about The Objective Standard, our plans for the journal and website, and how you can help us reach more minds.

Admittance to the conference is only $30 (donations beyond that will be appreciated but are not required). Following the event, attendees are invited to join the speakers and NYOS co-founders Armen and Arshak Benlian at a local restaurant for dinner, drinks, and further discussion. For more information, please visit the website of the New York Objectivist Society or the event’s Facebook page.

If you cannot attend the conference but would like to support TOS, you can do so by contributing here.

The Objective Standard is the most interesting and inspiring journal in America today. Unlike its competitors, TOS is not a journal of opinion; it is a journal that strives for nothing less than the truth, and it is changing America’s cultural landscape.” —C. Bradley Thompson

The Objective Standard provides a regular source of provocative and informative content on the crucial issues of the day. Nowhere else can I find such high quality analysis of so wide a range of ideas—from art to politics to foreign affairs, from movies to health care to psychology and beyond.” —Eric Daniels

Please forward this information to friends you think might be interested.

I hope to see you at the conference!

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