IDF_Air_ForcePresident Obama is feverishly trying to dissuade Israel from attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities, warning of the “disruptive” consequence such an attack would have on oil prices and regional security. Instead, Obama is encouraging more diplomacy.

The Iranian regime continues to fund and support Islamist terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah—both of which have committed numerous massacres on the Israeli people—and has repeatedly staged rallies calling for “Death to Israel.” Making matters worse, as the Associated Press reports, “Israel fears that Iran is fast approaching a point at which a limited military strike would no longer be enough to head off an Iranian bomb.” That Obama and his ilk are discouraging the Israelis from defending themselves against this ongoing and increasing assault is an abomination.

The Israelis should act in their self-interest, ignore the siren songs leading them to their slaughter, and obliterate the Iranian regime.

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Image: Creative Commons by Israeli Defense Forces

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