Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, PyongyangCNN reports that the United States “pledged $900,000 of emergency aid to North Korea” after floods battered the country recently. Although in the grand scheme of inappropriate government spending, this is a minute amount of money, it is nevertheless a perfect example of how irrational the U.S government has become.

The proper role of the U.S. government is the protection of Americans’ rights. It is morally wrong for the government to use Americans’ hard-earned money to aid other countries (excepting military aid to allies that serve U.S interests). But for the U.S. government to aid the government of North Korea, which is openly anti-American, is a moral outrage.

The only “aid” the U.S government should give North Korea is moral support to those who seek to overthrow Kim Jong il and his communist regime.


Image: Wikipedia Commons

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