Just as a substantial number of Americans are coming to recognize the injustice of forcing people to fund NPR, Lee Bollinger—the President of Columbia University—has written an article in Bloomberg calling for the government to force cable companies to broadcast the Al Jazeera network.

This is insane.

The U.S. government was not created in order to force Americans to provide radio or television shows for others, let alone to coerce Americans to provide air time to foreign media sympathetic to our mortal enemy. The U.S. government was created to protect American’s rights—including their right to property—and that is the government’s only proper purpose.

Perhaps someone in the U.S. media could inform Mr. Bollinger of this fact, as he is unlikely to hear it aired on Al Jazeera in between interviews with terrorists.

Image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Al_Jazeera_English_Doha_Newsroom_2.jpg

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