If you are within traveling distance of Boston, you owe it to yourself to attend this event—which is now free to students. There is no more-important subject in politics today than the enemy we face and what we must do to defeat him. Either we get this right—either we understand the threat to our lives and liberty and act accordingly—or we will suffer consequences that make 9/11 pale by comparison. This conference is about how to get it right and what we can do to help. I'll be there. I hope to see you there, too.

What: A three-day conference event including a lecture by Yaron Brook

Where: Ford Hall Forum, Boston, Massachusetts

When: October 20-22, 2006

This event is now FREE for students.

Objectivist Conferences is proud to invite you to this important weekend event.

As the fifth anniversary of Sept. 11 is observed this week, we see our leaders, intellectuals and TV commentators ignoring or denying the meaning of this world-changing atrocity. Instead of identifying and dealing with the deadly threat, our leaders are engaged in shifting blame, pressure-group politics, and deliberations over which cosmetics are permitted to airline passengers. Meanwhile, Islamicist fanatics recruit ever-more followers sworn to our destruction; American soldiers continue to die as Islamic totalitarianism increases its power in Iraq; and the world's premier terror-sponsoring regime works unhindered to acquire nuclear weapons. Amid the noise and confusion, the need for a clear, focused and principled response is more urgent than ever.

Those who attend this conference will find an array of prominent speakers and experts who have refused to submit to intimidation, and whose voices are at the forefront of the pivotal ideological battle to defend Western civilization against the forces of jihad. Their presentations will expose not only the implacable barbarity of Islamic totalitarianism—but also the corrupt, evasive appeasement that continues to enable the rise of jihadist ideology. Join us in this call to action on the most important geopolitical issue of our time.

Students: There is NO admission cost for the panel discussion or for any of the lectures held at the Boston World Trade Center. Free admission to Yaron Brook's Oct. 22 lecture is available through the Ford Hall Forum only.

Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum
Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute
Flemming Rose, culture editor of Jyllands-Posten
Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch
Peter Schwartz, author of The Foreign Policy of Self-Interest: A Moral Ideal for America
John Lewis, assistant professor of history, Ashland University

Events will take place at Tufts University, Boston's World Trade Center and Faneuil Hall, concluding with a lecture by Yaron Brook at the Ford Hall Forum.

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